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Sharon, Ontario L0G 1V0

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Pheasant Run Honey

Honey Now Available!

Harvested in small batches, our unpasteurized, premium raw honey is collected by hand from our on-site apiary in Sharon Ontario.

About the Apiary

You may notice designated pollinator areas around the golf course that are left natural. You’ll see a variety of native wild flowers including Milkweed, Goldenrod, Queen Annes Lace and many more beautiful varieties of Ontario plants.

These areas help our bees too! We have an apiary behind Highlands #8 tucked away down a short path. Feel free to take a look next time you’re playing, but watch out! These bumbles will sting if you get too close.

Every year we produce small batch honey you can find in our proshop. The bees collect pollen from our wildflowers and make delicious naturally sweet golden honey.

Be sure to check back here for update from our bee keeper, Laurie Simard.

Apiary Updates

What is an apiary? An apiary is where the bee houses are kept. Bee houses keep the hives where the bees produce their honey and live throughout the year.

June 2022 Apiary Update

2022 Honey is here!

There is a minimum purchase of 6 jars of small batch Pheasant Run honey online for in store pick up.
6 Jars: $84
12 Jars: $168

*All fees are subject to applicable tax